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-> This tumblr is dedicated to the amazingly talented actress Patricia Rooney Mara.

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Anonymous asked: Love your blog. Also just a cool fact my teacher is Rooney and Kate's cousin, and she says they're both really down-to-earth and nice

Thank you! and this is really cool.
Sadly I don’t post here a lot anymore.

Did you feel an obvious shift after the attention of Dragon Tattoo and the acclaim you got from it? Did you feel, ‘Oh, this is recognizably different’?

"A little bit, but not like I expected or like people were warning me of. Because I look so different in the film. And even now, people don’t really recognize me, ever. And also, I have this weird gift of being able to walk through a room or walk through anywhere and, like, I can really go under the radar." - Rooney Mara for USA Today (2013)

David Fincher May Reteam With Rooney Mara For ‘Red Sparrow’

The story set in present-day Russia where officer Dominika Egorova is assigned to become a “Sparrow,” a professional seductress who must track CIA agent Nathaniel Nash. The globe-trotting project finds them in a web of deception and passion.

Rooney at The IFP, Calvin Klein Collection & euphoria Calvin Klein Celebrate Women In Film At The 67th Cannes Film Festival.

The IFP & Calvin Klein’s Celebration of Women in Film in Cannes (May 15th)